Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's so much easier to write this blog regularly when I have good news to report.

The pounds are finally starting to come off, and I'm finally starting to fall into a routine of eating better. What I'm noticing is that it's becoming a lot easier to not cheat, which is the key. Had poker last night, and there were chips and pretzels and beer galore, but I just had a banana and grapefruit juice. I looked pretty gay doing it, but do it I did.

Tennis yesterday got interrupted by rain, but we're going to pick it up where we left off. I started out 1-3 - not so hot. Time for a comeback.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 96 weight: 210.8 lbs
Total loss: 11.6 lbs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Low

Well, it's taken a lot longer than I hoped to get back down to my low (since about midway through this blog), but I have finally undone the evil effects of the holidays. I've now lost 9.5 lbs - a pittance considering I've been doing this for 3 months - but at least it's something! Plus, since I really feel like I'm on the RIGHT road to weight loss and overall healthy living, I'm feeling a lot better about where I'm at.

I've been trying to eat breakfast every day, which doesn't come naturally to me, and have been good about not eating for at least 2 hours before I go to bed. I've been staying away from products with white flour, for the most part, and am not eating nearly as many processed foods. And I've ACTUALLY been snacking regularly on fruits and veggies. My roommate can vouch for that.

Inspired by watching the Australian Open yesterday, we're going to play tennis today. My right index finger feels weird today though. I hope it doesn't affect my game, but if it does, at least I'll have an excuse.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 95 weight: 212.9 lbs
Total loss: 9.5 lbs

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Farm Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Starting to make some real, serious changes to my eating habits. That book I've been reading has had an effect on me - I just went grocery shopping yesterday and bought Omega-3 eggs, unpackaged fruits and vegetables, stayed away from all of the frozen and processed stuff... for the first time, I feel like I'm on the path to eating better and not just "going on a diet."

This morning, I had 2 scrambled eggs and a sliced banana, and then snacked on some carrots, and then later snacked on an apple (that didn't come pre-sliced!). Game night tonight with a cheese tray that I'll have to avoid for the most part - there will also be veggies and vegetarian chili, so I'll try to stick more to that area of the kitchen.

Also, watching football and not eating chips, pretzels or pizza or drinking beer. Suck on that, average American male.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 93 weight: 213.3 lbs
Total loss: 9.1 lbs

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Real Stand-Up Guy

I checked out an open mic night, and it was painful, as expected. However, I've been told that really the only way to start getting known on the circuit and, hopefully, to start making some money at this, is to just get out there and perform wherever and whenever possible. I'm a little sick at the moment, but I think I'm going to start next week. If I don't feel like I'm going to puke from the thought of it.

I've been reading a book called "Ultra-Metabolism" (thanks, Auntie!) and it's honestly helping me look at my eating habits in a whole new light. It basically addresses all the things we've always heard (eat breakfast every day, don't eat within 2 hours of going to bed, etc.) but it also EXPLAINS everything. That's what I've been missing... there are so many "rules" that we've always been taught to follow, but a lot of those are just horseshit, so I often disregard them. However, this book so clearly demonstrates how harmful certain behaviors and foods are, that I can't help but change my thought process about it all...

As I mentioned, I've been sick the past few days, and we've been in the midst of the worst storm in LA in the past 20 years, so I haven't been going to the gym this week. I'll be back at it next week though, don't you worry.

Still been writing and submitting every day - sure hope something comes of it soon...

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 91 weight: 213.9 lbs
Total loss: 8.5 lbs

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Continuing to Truck

All right, so the self-imposed tough love hasn't worked. Plan B: I will no longer beat myself up for not writing my blog every single day. If I do, great, but as long as I keep it up at least 2-3 days a week, I will no longer feel pressure to flagellate myself with a spiked club.

Things are going well in the food department - I've been eating very well lately. Most importantly, I've been reducing portion sizes and snacking, which are my big issues. Seeing some results on the scale, slow though they may be. But I'm almost back down to my low point since taking a bit of a nose dive over the holidays.

I was pretty good about working out last week, too - went to the gym twice, ran one day, and played tennis another. I was pretty lethargic this weekend, however (thanks a lot, football), so I need to get back in the swing of things today.

The writing has been going well, too - I figured out that if I can write 2,000 words a day in my novel, at least 5 days a week, I should have this mother done in about 2 months. I've been going at about that pace, so we shall see...

I've been focusing on the writing side of things so far, but this week I'm going to dig in my heels and start getting my acting resume out there as well. It's been a while since I've had an audition, so I'm a ball of nerves, but the idea is to get out there often enough so that, eventually, it becomes second nature. Or first nature - ooh, first nature would be even better.

I've also been working on my stand-up, and I'm planning to go to an open mic night tonight to check it out and see if it feels like the right spot for me to take the plunge. I want to make sure that my first stand-up venture is somewhere I feel comfortable, and am unlikely to get heckled and booed, and where they serve alcohol, so that I seem funny. Actually, looking for a place where they serve alcohol and I am unlikely to get heckled or booed might be tough. I might have to settle for one or the other.

Okay - time to get to work!

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 87 weight: 214.1
Total loss: 8.3 lbs

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Conversation With Food

Food: Hey.
Me: What's up.
Food: Where've you been? I was waiting up all night for you.
Me: Well - I'm here now, aren't I?
Food: I could do without the attitude.
Me: Sorry, look - I'm sorry. It's just... we've been seeing too much of each other.
Food: Still? This again? We don't see each other nearly as much as we used to! And we haven't been doing as much of that... naughty stuff, either!
Me: Yeah, but... it's been almost three months, and I'm stuck in practically the same place. I think we need to see even less of each other.
Food: Are you sere?
Me: Yeah - I'm sere. I want to see just enough of you to get by. Anything more seems... well... gluttonous.
Food: You're foul.
Me: Well, I'm sorry but it's the truth. You're a really bad influence on me. Every time you're around I'm like, oh hey, there's food, I might as well go hang out with her for a while.
Food: Why am I a 'she' all of a sudden?
Me: I don't know. Seems less gay.
Food: Oh, so you're homophobic?
Me: No, I just don't want people to get the wrong... look, we're getting off the subject. The point is, you need to take a lesser role in my life. I've... I've been seeing someone.
Food: (clenching teeth) Who?
Me: Writing.
Food: Really. And does writing... 'do it' for you?
Me: It does, actually. Sometimes, when I'm with her, I forget about you entirely.
Food: Now I feel like you're trying to hurt me.
Me: No, it's not like that. I want to stay on good terms with you, believe it or not. I still need you in my life. I just need you to be a little understanding when I say I need some 'me' time.
Food: You know what, fucker - you can have all the 'me' time you want.
Me: Please don't be vulgar.
Food: You're one to talk!
Me: Why don't you just... just get in the refrigerator, take some time to cool off.
Food: You're funny.
Me: Bye, food. I'll see you later.
Food: Later, psycho.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 83 weight: 214.7 lbs
Total loss: 7.7 lbs

Monday, January 11, 2010

Enough About Me

Seriously. I feel like all we ever talk about is me. What I'm up to, what I'm eating, what I'm not eating, how often I'm exercising... how are you doing? Let's talk about that for a change.

No, no - don't dismiss it like that - I want to know. You're a truly wonderful listener, I have to say, but this is a two-way street. Tell me what's going on in your world. Spare me no details.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 80 weight: 214.9 lbs
Total loss: 7.5 lbs

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Not Famous Yet

Disappointing. A week on the job, and still no star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What does a guy have to do?

This is going to be a long, slow, laborious process - I can see that now more than before. Not just in terms of success, but merely in terms of getting things done. I've spent hours looking through the contents of discs I've had lying around to make sure I have a comprehensive collection of all of my writing, hours researching various writing contest websites, hours researching open mic venues, hours perusing Writer's Market listings and Writer's Digest articles, in an attempt to find that one helpful bit of information, that one perfect market for my work. And all the while I'm trying to get in hours of actual writing each day, keep up a regular workout regimen and start reading again.

It's overwhelming, yes - but I'm trying to compare what I've accomplished this week with what I would have accomplished if I was still at my day job. In that light, it's pretty impressive.

I feel like a writer again. Sounds silly, but it's how I feel - today I read a listing for a short story contest and I sat down and wrote a short story. Can't remember the last time I've done something like that. And I'm making progress on my novel again for the first time in forever. I can't say I'm displeased with my first week of self-employment.

Just need to find a way to make the money start rolling in.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 77 weight: 215.3 lbs
Total loss: 7.1 lbs

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Is Why I Don't Believe in You, God

Because if you DID exist, then when someone gets all motivated and eats well and starts exercising every day, you would reward him by having his body lose a correspondingly appropriate amount of weight. But NOOO-OOO. You have to throw on a few more tenths, just to confuse the hell out of him and send him into a tizzy. Fine then. BE non-existent.

No, I know, I know - there's just some natural fluctuation in there that can't always be explained. It is frustrating though - I feel like I should be seeing some definite progress in the pounds department, but I'm still plateauing. I'm sure, however, that if I just keep up my new habits, there's going to be that ONE day where all of a sudden I lose 37 pounds. That's just how the human body works.

As far as everything else goes, I've been very good this week. I've been writing every day, have sent out my first screenplay since my new "job" began, submitted a book query for The Wellspring to an indie publisher, watched a 90-minute webinar on online marketing tools for writers, started reading through my new Writer's Digest issues, created a plethora of various spreadsheets and tracking tools, signed up on Backstage, and have spent a great deal of time responding to emails from people who replied to my facebook "event" by offering advice or suggesting a connection to someone who may be able to help me. It is this fostering of relationships that I have a feeling is going to be most helpful in my quest to make a living someday doing this shit.

The one thing that I most fear is going to hold me back, on the other hand, is Dexter. Dammit, that's a good show.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 76 weight: 215.5 lbs
Total loss: 6.9 lbs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old Friends

Old friends
Old friends
Sat on their park bench like bookends
A newspaper blowin' through the grass
Falls on the round toes of the high shoes of the old friends

Okay, so maybe my friends aren't quite that old. But I sure have known some of them for a long time.

Yesterday I created a facebook event called "Project Kreisman" and invited all of my facebook friends. The idea was to see if there's anyone out there I can use/step on/sleep with to get to where I want to be. No, no, no... in all seriousness (or as much as I can muster), I just wanted to start putting some feelers out there to see if I can get some leads on agents, networking opportunities, writing positions, etc. So far, I have to say, the response has been overwhelming.

I have heard from maybe 30 or so people, some just to say good luck or to express their admiration of my decision, others to offer helpful advice or connections. Perhaps half of those people I haven't seen or spoken to in 10 years. I think that's beautiful. Not just great, but beautiful. There are some things - some ideas, some dreams - that connect us and bring us back together, no matter how much time has passed. I was most myself in those days, and it seems that others who were most themselves back then were perhaps inspired by my message to recall it, and have been prompted to reminisce. I know that the past has definitely been on my mind as of late.

I did get a little writing done, but most of today was spent replying to emails. I already have a number of additional logs in the fire - book publishers, literary agents, fellow writers, fellow actors - I can hardly wait to start following up with each of these leads and see what comes of them.

I have poker tonight. Going to take it down. I need the money to keep this steam train puffing along...

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 74 weight: 214.9 lbs
Total loss: 7.5 lbs

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: A Personal Space Odyssey

This is awesome.

Today's Monday, and I'm at work. But there are no fluorescent lights giving me a headache. No polite, awkward conversations in the break room. No barrage of emails that must be tended to.

I am at home. At my computer. I have pushed off from the shore, and am on my way.

A couple of days ago I applied for unemployment. If that comes through, in addition to the money I have in the bank, I should be able to survive for a while before I'm faced with any harsh realities. Especially if I can start bringing in some additional dough from my writing, acting, stand-up... this could be quite the year for me.

I've been pretty productive so far at my first day on the job. The first thing I did was set up my gmail calendar, which I plan to start using religiously. Now that I have no office desk and workflow to keep organized, I can focus more on organizing my actual life. I set up a variety of weekly and monthly reminders, as well as a daily task list to keep me in line. I also created an Excel spreadsheet (SHOCKER) to keep further tabs on what I am accomplishing and on what timeline I am accomplishing it.

I got some personal business out of the way so I could devote the rest of my day to writing and submissions - paid a parking ticket, wrote some thank yous for Christmas gifts, sent an email about a job prospect (which I was declining, as I now work for myself), and hooked up and installed my printer. I also worked out this morning on the Wii Fit - granted, I didn't work out for very long, but at least it was something, and I can now begin to gradually work up to a fuller, longer, more consistent routine.

My work days will start and end a little later - probably in the range of 11-7 most days, although I'm not going to be a stickler about the exact times, as long as I fit in 8 hours. I'll start earlier on the days that I don't work out first, but my plan is to get to the gym around 9:30 at least 4 days a week. So here I am, with about 5 hours left in the work day, and I'm going to be spending it writing my book, emailing potential networking contacts, signing up on audition sites, and compiling a writing submission or two. God, I love it.

And I haven't been eating too badly, either.

Starting weight: 222.4 lbs
Day 73 weight: 214.8 lbs
Total loss: 7.6 lbs