Thursday, December 15, 2016

If You Can't Eat Good, At Least Be a Good Eater

Well, we knew they weren't all gonna be winners.

This was my first week with no forward progress, and now it's about how well I weather the storm.

I didn't fall off the wagon or anything - I just didn't go about things with my previous gusto. Made it to the gym a few times and never consumed an entire pig in one bite, but I was definitely a member of the Clean Plate Club, and got a few cases of the shacks. (This is when you get so snacky that you develop the shakes.)

I've won more of these than Michael Phelps has won Olympic medals.
I've got roughly one week before I'm home for Christmas, and I'm determined to make it a good one. Because as hard as I'm going to try not to go overboard on cookies, let's be honest. You don't send a sex addict into a brothel and expect him to come out with a hard-on.

Where I have been making progress is on the book front. I got my query letter written, received feedback from a number of friends and did a few rewrites. Downloaded and watched a couple of 2-hour webinars on obtaining literary representation, and actually took copious notes. Also got a start on my synopsis, and am looking into attending the SDSU Writers' Conference in San Diego next month. See? I told you I was going to make a million dollars in 2017.

I've generally been on the ball. Got all my Christmas shopping done, took care of a bunch of bills and other nasty-looking paperwork I'd been eyeing warily and hoping would go away on its own for the past month.

I could be sleeping better. If it's not an uncomfortable sleeping position, it's the temperature in the room. If it's not the temperature in the room, it's a cat crawling on my face. If it's not a cat crawling on my face...well, okay, there's always a cat crawling on my face. Point is, I need to figure it out, because four hours a night ain't cutting it. Because then when I get up, I'm exhausted, and I'm unmotivated, and I have to spend at least five minutes cleaning litter out of my eyebrows.

Okay. I'm going to the gym right now, and I'm not leaving until I'm a supermodel.

Day 28 weight: x - 6.7 lbs

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