Thursday, December 8, 2016

Target Practice

Down seven pounds in three weeks. I would take that pace for the next five months.

So yeah, getting there, slowly but surely. There were no nasty, food-centric holidays threatening to derail me this week, so that was nice. Ate a few salads, limited snacking to foods in the "fruits and vegetables" portion of the pyramid, and got my butt to the gym five out of the last seven days. Canceled my subscription to the "Seven Layer Cake of the Month Club." All signs of progress.

Christmas is a-coming, of course, so A) I have to make sure I've dropped considerable poundage before going home, in anticipation of the calorie tsunami that's about to hit, and B) I have to resolve, once I am hope, to reduce that tsunami to a ripple. Hm. The word "ripple" just made me think of "fudge ripple." I still have a lot of work to do, huh?

Remember a few weeks ago, when I said I deleted all games from my phone? Well, I've added some new ones. I'm sorry. I tried. But I need something that allows me to avoid an excess of human contact in social situations. I can't be expected to engage 100% of the time. Once in a while, you people just need to leave me alone so I can work on my archery skills.

I'm sure successful, prolific authors do a lot of this.

I met with a writer friend of mine to talk shop, and that was productive. Got some advice on queries and synopses, conferences to attend, publications to subscribe to, etc. I'll be getting my book back from my editor in about a month, so I want to be prepared by then to start submitting soon afterward. My early New Year's resolution is to receive enough rejection letters in 2017 to wallpaper at least one room of my house.

The meditation thing isn't going great. I may not be the meditating type. I do, however, want to work on sitting down for a couple minutes every morning and writing out everything I want to accomplish that day. Having stuff in writing always seems to help. Just look at the success I'm having with weight loss since I started blogging again. All good fodder for my future book: How to Bullshit Your Way to a Healthy Weight. 

All right. Let's hit that 10-pound mark next week, shall we?

Day 21 weight: x - 7.0 lbs

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